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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — More than a dozen guitars have been stolen from the beloved Fret Shop, located in Huntsville. Now, the shop owners are asking for the public’s help finding them.

The Fret Shop, located on Jordan Lane in Huntsville, is asking everyone to look out for 13 guitars worth thousands of dollars that were stolen from the custom specialty store. 

Musicians like Eric Johnson, Joe Bonamassa, and Dierks Bentley just to name a few – shopped at the store. So many more have passed through just to hold and strum one of the hundreds of guitars on display. 

The thief or thieves broke down the back door to get into the building, helping themselves to over $20,000 in guitars.

Among the instruments stolen was a hand-crafted guitar made by guitar trainer Ron Jeffrey, who teaches aspiring guitarists from the shop daily. Ten of them bore the name Gretsch, a name that is known as an American classic style instrument that’s been around for 140 years.  

The manager of The Fret Shop, Russ Savage, wants everyone to keep an eye out for these valuable instruments.

“Probably about 10 Gretsch’s or so all in this semi-hollow style,” Savage told News 19. “There were a couple of Ibanez that are also going to be this exact same semi-hollow style. Another main one to look at that’s probably the highest valued one was the Ron Jeffery custom telecaster which is going to be very easy to find.  There are not that many out there. It will say Ron Jeffery right across the headstock with an antique gold finish.”

The Fret Shop has been in Huntsville since 1979 and has been at the Jordan Lane location since 2000. Fortunately, this was the first time that they had been robbed.

Surveillance video cameras were inoperable at the time of the theft.

Huntsville Police have no leads, but the owners are asking everyone to be on the lookout and alert them via Facebook if you see anything suspicious.