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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- A Huntsville woman with a passion for helping impoverished nations, had her eye set on Nepal long before the massive earthquake struck on April 25th, killing thousands, and leaving millions homeless.

For Jenny Juceviciute, it wasn’t a matter of if she’d help with the rescue efforts, but when.

“I knew how poor they are, and how wonderful people they are at the same time, and it was just no question even not to go, it was not that question, it was how soon can I go. How soon can I get there,” said Jucevicute.

Juceviciute is the founder of the Blossomwood Foundation, a non-profit organization which aims to improve the lives of people in Nepal. On Monday, she plans to fly to Nepal with boxes of medicine, supplies, and most importantly water filters.

“If there is no clean water, people will get infections, water borne diseases so fast, and they die, and it’s already happening there. So thats why I really need to get there as soon as possible,” adds Juceviciute.

She wants to assess the need in nepal, and continue to raise money to help out.

“As we speak right now, people are dying from starvation, from infections because 553 villages were affected by the earthquake and by far, even not half of those villages had supplies,” says Juceviciute.

Boxes of supplies are expensive to transport, so now she asks for help raising money and awareness to continue to help those in need.

“We want to do the most essential things to save as many people as possible,” adds Jucevuciute.

If you wish to donate, Iberia Bank on Whitesburg Drive in Huntsville will accept monetary donations for the Blossomwood Foundation.

For more information on the Blossomwood Foundation, visit