Huntsville road resurfacing budget expected to increase


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — City of Huntsville leaders will have an official vote on their 2022 fiscal year budget Thursday night. Though the vote hasn’t happened yet, they’ve already discussed how they want to spend the $245 million.

One of several budgets seeing an increase in funding is road resurfacing. Bill Kling, the Huntsville City Council representative for district four, says the new budget will be $14.3 million, which is around a 25% bump from the 2021 fiscal year budget.

Kling has been pushing for more money to go into resurfacing the roads the city already has due to potholes and regular wear and tear.

“This is existing roads that we are resurfacing and we will be doing it both in neighborhoods and on our minor collectors throughout the city,” said Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle.

With a larger road resurfacing budget, the City of Huntsville can address more problem areas, but deciding where the priority lies is all up to the Public Works Department.

“They have a fair, objective rating process that they use and the idea is to take politics out and just get the worst streets taken care of first,” said Kling.

Mayor Battle says the maintenance on city roads will never end, but more money means more roads get fixed more quickly.

“I always tell people we go into the winter months, we have ice and we end up with potholes so we fill the potholes,” said the mayor. “Summer months, we go into road resurfacing and we resurface as many roads as we can with the budget that we have but what it actually means is you have a little bit of a smoother ride.”

Kling says better roads will make Huntsville more vibrant and safer for drivers. He believes the new budget will pass unanimously Thursday night.

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