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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The design for Huntsville’s newest state-of-the-art skatepark will be unveiled at a public meeting on November 3.

The park, set to open late in 2022, will be built at John Hunt Park. The firm overseeing the project, Team Pain, has plans to spread the skate park across three acres of land between Kids Space and the Championship Soccer Fields.

A first look at the entire design was revealed at a meeting held by Team Pain and Huntsville city officials at Fractal Brewing Project, located on Leeman Ferry Road. The meeting started at 5 p.m. Anyone who couldn’t attend in person will be able to view the event online here.

“Skating enthusiasts from across the City spoke with us at two different public input meetings this year and this is it – this is the park you’ve asked for,” said Team Pain President/Owner Tim Payne. “There are lots of custom bowls, snake runs, a street plaza, features for beginners and a three-quarter pipe that will truly reflect the hopes and dreams of the Huntsville skating community.”

Skaters all over Huntsville are thrilled about the design reveal.

“[I’m] super excited about this. We definitely need something more updated here in Huntsville. This one’s pretty dated. The transition’s pretty rough so we definitely need some new smooth concrete that’s gonna bring the community out,” skater Yali Mazybolton said.

Other skaters say after seeing the previous design drafts, the new park may address issues and fill voids left in one of the two existing parks in Madison County.

“We do have a big community, and I think we would have more people out skating if we had more beginner-friendly skating areas like they would have in this new park,” Kaley Quinn said.

Other skaters say the skatepark will draw in athletes from surrounding cities, in addition to nurturing homegrown talent.

“Definitely you’ll see more skaters coming up from Huntsville with a park like that because it’s more friendly for learning,” skater Ronnie Brook said.

A tribute to the City’s original “Get-A-Way Skatepark,” the design will showcase some of the memorable parts of the old facility.

Team Pain says plenty of new features many haven’t seen will occupy the 52,500-square-foot space.