Huntsville residents fill town hall meeting to get updates on Zierdt and Martin Roads


HUNTSVILLE, Ala – After more than 10-years of waiting, the City of Huntsville says the Zierdt Road Project could soon be complete with along with Martin Road also nearing completion. Tuesday, District 5 residents packed the town hall to learn more. 

“You are here for updates on our favorite two road projects, Zierdt and Martin Road,’ said Councilman John Meredith with a smile to an HOA building filled with interested residents. 

Smiling through a hint of tension, Meredith opened the floor to city engineers for updates. However, most people didn’t care too much about the technical details. Residents have had one question after 10 plus years of waiting and roughly 30 million dollars spent between federal, state and local dollars.

“What is the projected finish date for the Zierdt Road project?” asked one citizen. 

“Right now we are projecting this fall. Late October is what we are projecting for substantial completion of the road,” said Jacob Stephens, a project engineer for the City of Huntsville. 

By substantial completion, Stephens means drivable in both directions.  The finish date is also tied to the weather. Meaning there’s a chance the project goes beyond October. 

As for Martin Road, which started construction on Redstone Arsenal several years ago, engineers are hoping to have the entire project done by Spring of 2022. Some residents wonder why the wait.

“All those phases of Martin Road, all six phases totaled $70 million. Our capital budget could not keep up with doing everything at one time. So, we heavily rely on federal and state funds. That’s where a bulk of the money comes from,” said Kathy Martin, Huntsville City Engineer.

According to the City, given the location being near/on Redstone Arsenal and all the state and federal help, both Zierdt and Martin Roads took longer. As the projects appear to head down the final literal stretch, some residents are making sure the Martin project is done right so they don’t see another like it.  

“Many of those areas, the pavement does not meet the current curbing. There’s a lot of flooding that happens. It’s a dangerous hydroplaning area,” said one resident. 

“The top layer is not completed yet. That’s the reason there’s a lip there below the curb. It’s the reason why the water isn’t getting to the storm drains yet,” said Stephens. 

Over the next few weeks, be on the lookout for some traffic shifting and one lanes on both Zierdt and Martin Roads. Later this month the flashing lights at the Mountain Brook intersection will be removed.

City engineers say contractors could face fines if work is prolonged.

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