Huntsville ranks 4th on 2019 list of top cities for career opportunities


Huntsville, Alabama. Big Spring Park and downtown cityscape at twilight.

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Certain cities are better than others for career opportunities and Huntsville made it to the list of top ten cities for said opportunities.

Huntsville takes the fourth spot on the list released by The site accounted for the unemployment rates, change in total employment, median income, income growth over time, annual housing costs, the number of career counselors and the number of higher education teachers to find the best cities.

Two Utah cities took the top spots with a Texas city coming in third.

Smart Asset reports Huntsville has an annual housing cost of just $9,768, the third-lowest in the top 10 of their study. It also has the fourth-highest income growth with time, at 47.99%, and ranks 12th overall for the metric.

Smart Asset examined data for 355 cities to find the best cities for career opportunities in 2019.

Huntsville was the only Alabama city to make the list.

Top 10 cities for career opportunities: 

1. Provo, UT

2. Logan, UT

3. College Station, TX

4. Huntsville, AL

5. Boulder, CO

6. Springfield, MA

7. Ames, IA

8. Tallahassee, FL

9. Fort Collins, CO

10. Springfield, MO

For details on the results, click here.

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