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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A local private event space is opening its doors to the public as a free warming center Tuesday evening amid dangerously low temperatures.

The Hideaway 2.0, located at 3220 Lodge Road Northwest in Huntsville, is offering free food, toiletries, and bedding for the evening.

Owner, Jabar Westbrook, who also operates a number of other popular nightspots in the area, said a number of his staff have volunteered to help serve manage the center and take care of its guests.

“It was terribly cold, and just thinking about them, I actually had some long johns that people had donated to me or sent me money for and instead of passing them out, going out in the street looking for them, I just invited them here,” said Westbrook.

Despite facing a 60 percent decline in profits during the COVID-19 pandemic, Westbrook said he couldn’t in good conscious refuse those in need, as his event space sat empty.

Westbrook said most of the food and supplies have all been donated. Big John’s BBQ and Company has also set up a food truck outside that will be serving free food.

The warming center will remain open through at Wednesday, with the potential to stay open until Friday, depending on the weather.

More information is available on Westbrook’s Facebook Page.