Huntsville prepares to say goodbye to Grover

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A long-time neighborhood watch member is leaving his post. Grover, as he's known, will leave his home after almost a decade. WHNT News 19 talked with the man who brought Grover to the city.

Steve Reavis is an artist. He used to draw, but now spends a lot of his days carving.

“I love it because you can take your daily frustrations out on it. It`s a great way to eat up time. Four hours will go by so quick,” said Reavis.

Steve's hobby of 16 years is his perfect stress reliever.

“One thing I don`t think about is the outside world. I`m able to block out everything, except for what I am doing, which is so good,” added Reavis.

Something good has come from Steve's carving. He gained a friend named Grover.

“He`s guarded the house for 9.5 years. He`s been really loyal. He hasn`t left his post once. Everyone grows really fond of him you know,” added Reavis.

Steve guesses a third of Huntsville knows Grover.

“I`ve seen people drive by all the time and a week later the same car would show up with a whole group of people. People are always stopping by,” added Reavis.

The drive-bys will soon end.

“He`s got cancer. He`s got gout. He`s got leprosy. His limbs are falling off. Basically, he`s dry rotting,” added Reavis.

Grover is attached to a stump. The stump is attached to the ground.

“So, it`s like a candle wick. The water just works its way in. Actually, he is rotting from the inside out versus the outside in,” added Reavis.

Steve will chop down his friend on June 14, 2014.

“I slap him on the side, tongue and cheek, to ask how are you doing? You know to joke around,” added Reavis.

Steve invites everyone who wants to see Grover to come to a social gathering next Saturday. People will gather around to say goodbye to Grover before sunset. Grover is on Grove Avenue near downtown Huntsville.

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