Huntsville Police say community should not worry after six shootings in two days

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Over the weekend, Huntsville Police responded to six  shootings in two days. But, officers said the community should not worry that the city is becoming more dangerous.

“The public at large does not need to be concerned,” Lt. Darryl Lawson, Huntsville Police Department, said.

Although there were questions about a number of these cases, Lt. Lawson said investigators are closer to an answer.

“A lot of these cases, the victims were uncooperative at the time so, it takes time to gather leads in those cases,” Lt. Lawson said. “We do have suspects in those cases, we’re working those leads.”

Police say the most of the shootings are not random.

“We feel like most of these cases are connected with each other,” Lt Lawson said. ” When people choose to involve themselves in criminal activity, sometimes it don’t go so well for them, and we feel like that’s the case in a lot of these shootings.”

While the shootings did occupy most of the weekend for police, Lt. Lawson said it is not indicative of more crime in the city.

“Violent crimes seem to cycle,” Lt. Lawson said. “There will be usually a dispute between some criminals that will lead to some violent crimes, possibly some shootings. Once an arrest is made, things will settle down.”

Lt. Lawson added that the victims in some of the cases have not been cooperative. He said anyone with information can help by calling the Huntsville Police Department at 256-722-7100.

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