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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — News 19 takes action and gets results. A power wheelchair stolen from a Huntsville amputee was returned to its rightful owner Tuesday.

Elnora Williams is on dialysis, is an amputee, and wheelchair-bound. She says her motorized gray Hoveround was stolen right out of her driveway in southwest Huntsville on Saturday. That took her freedom to move away.

Williams says Huntsville Police returned the chair to her Tuesday following a tip called into the department.

“Without the story nobody would have known. Because the guy didn’t know. He saw it on TV cause the detective asked him how he knew, and he said he saw it on TV… I appreciate 19 getting the story out there, because without the story nobody would have known,” says Williams.

Williams says Huntsville Police tells her the chair was near a dumpster only three miles from her home.

“A guy at Stadium Apartments spotted the chair, he called the detective, the detective asked him to hold it, he held it until the detective got there. The detective brought it to me,” says Williams.

She says she’s glad her chair was found and now she doesn’t have to push herself in a powerless wheel chair.

“People don’t realize that without your legs and without something to get around, you lose your freedom. So I’m glad to have gotten it back,” says Williams.

After the story of Williams stolen powerchair aired Monday night, News 19 received several viewer emails offering to anonymously replace it, but Williams says thankfully police were able to locate hers the next day.