Huntsville Police Department awarded K9 grant for photos of their four-legged partners


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Police K-9s in Huntsville have been recognized nationwide for their hard work alongside Huntsville Police officers.

A contest that started as an initiative for the Chicago area now celebrates K-9 dogs at departments across the country, including here in Huntsville. This year’s Aftermath K-9 Grant Competition was the biggest yet, bringing in more than 500,000 votes on photos of dogs working alongside first responders.

Through social media, departments submitted a photo of their four-legged partner which people voted on. The dogs with the highest votes won grant money for their departments. Of 1,600 nominees the K9s of the Huntsville Police Department were the runner-ups taking home $1,000.

Vikas Chopra, the Digital Marketing Director for Aftermath, said he’s excited for the contest to continue to grow as it provides much-needed funding for such programs. “Really what it’s designed to do is to support law enforcement around the US because K9s are sometimes the ones that are overlooked, the funding is challenging and the opportunities to get resources are challenging so we said, this is our way to give back.”

Chopra added that the contest initially started with just police departments and has grown to all first responders. Last year’s grand prize went to a fire department. The prize money typically goes toward items like bulletproof vests for the dogs or training for younger dogs that will allow older K9s to retire.

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