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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – City of Huntsville Parking & Transportation says it will look into possible solutions to recent complaints of limited parking availability for semi-trucks.

“As (Huntsville) expands and get bigger and bigger, you get more people living there, trucks coming in, and more truck drivers moving into the area,” Huntsville-based truckdriver Robert Vogel says, calling himself another essential worker largely forgotten nearly a year after lockdowns. “There’s no place to go.”

Vogel says several dozen of his colleagues had plenty of space to put their 18-wheelers for the few days they’d return home to Huntsville after long periods of driving but that has changed.

As more area chain businesses have opened, venues and property owners have started to forbid any semi-trucks from parking overnight, citing space concerns and to keep parking lots’ concrete intact from heavy trucks.

The smaller spaces around the south side of Huntsville remain the only options for the 30+ known Huntsville-based drivers, Vogel adds.

He argues that simple gravel lots like at the old Joe T. Davis Municipal Stadium could be a solution, but City of Huntsville Parking Director Tommy Brown says that’s not an easy fix either.

“I think for (the stadium lots) to be a long-term solution is just not going to be there, because of the redevelopment of John Hunt Park in that area…But that’s the kind of area that we’d love to find that would work for these guys,” Brown says.

“I wish I could offer a solution sitting here right here right now, but we’re going to see what we can find. Maybe we can help, maybe not. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

Brown says he and the Mayor’s office will work on finding solutions for truckers like Vogel, such as contacting common truck stop companies in the next year.