Huntsville non-profit puts the service in Family Services Center


Huntsville, ALABAMA – Throughout the pandemic, Family Services Center (FSC) has continued its service to the community.

The non-profit provides an array of anti-poverty and family strengthening programs in the greater Huntsville area, including mental health counseling, affordable housing, homelessness prevention, behavior modification education, conflict resolution, financial literacy training, substance abuse education, and parenting support.

Staff members take a family-focused, holistic approach to empowerment and self-sufficiency in an effort to decrease multi-generational poverty while creating healthier families and stronger communities.

The FCS staff includes licensed professional counselors, licensded certified social workers and certified housing counselors.

As the counseling department works to help more people, FCS hopes to begin accepting insurance later this year. Until then, the sliding fee scale remains available for clients.

Also in the works, a benefit concert at The Camp on June 22, from 5:00pm-9:00pm. Admission is free. However, with a $20 donation, you will receive a t-shirt as a thank you. There will also be a silent auction, including autographed footballs from Alabama and Auburn, a signed photo from the Tennessee Titans, a signed puck from the Tennessee Predators and a signed baseball from the Atlanta Braves.

Here is more program information, as provided by Family Services Center:

Parenting Support –
Raising children in today’s environment can be the most challenging yet rewarding experience of one’s lifetime. Being an involved parent is important to raising a healthy child and creating a long-lasting positive relationship. Our parenting program utilizes an evidence-based curriculum designed to assist parents gain a better understanding of child development, improve communication skills, assist parents in developing nurturing skills and parenting with affection and positive reinforcement instead of fear, anger or intimidation.

Anger Management –
Do you find yourself angry and not understanding why? Do you carry around resentment from a past relationship? Anger can impact every aspect of our lives, with our family, friends, co-workers and even those we encounter during the normal course of your day. Learning how to identify triggers that left unchecked can lead you to be angry, understanding your response to those triggers and learning new ways of expressing yourself are all important tools in reducing and eliminating our negative response to anger. Learn how to live a happier, more content, satisfying life by managing your anger and you’ll find those around you are happier, too.

Male and female, volunteer or mandated, our program can help improve your life. We partner with the court system, Department of Human Resources (DHR), attorneys and Employee Assistance Programs.

Substance Abuse Awareness and Diversion Program –
Has your alcohol and/or drug use impacted your life through the loss of family, friends, employment and health? Have you gotten into legal trouble due to past decisions? Approximately 10% of Americans currently struggle with substance abuse. Even “occasional” use can quickly escalate into dependency, and it can be very difficult to break free once this cycle has begun. Participants in our program may voluntarily seek help with our services, while others are oftentimes involved in diversion programs that required attendance in group sessions in order to meet the requirements of the court in relation to their specific violation /offense. Upon successful completion of the program, defendants may be eligible to have their case dismissed by the District Attorney’s Office.

Housing and Financial Empowerment –
Our LIFT Housing Program provides low-cost, income-based, short-term, case-managed, scattered-site emergency shelter (apartment style) housing to literally homeless families unable to reside in a traditional shelter setting. In addition, we provide supportive services to help prepare families to move towards permanent affordable housing with the goal of achieving permanent housing by program’s end. The program offers low-cost housing for verifiably homeless families with dependent children within the household, or those at imminent-risk of becoming homeless (as defined by federal guidelines).

Educating individuals and families on a wide variety of financial obstacles presented in life. Understand how to create and manage a household budget, improve your credit score, the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining a high-cost loan, payday or title pawn loan, how to avoid bankruptcy, eviction and/or foreclosure. Our professional counselors can work with you one-on-one to help you establish and achieve your goals for financial stability.

Homicide Survivors Program –
The Homicide Survivors Program (HSP) supports families and friends who have lost loved ones to murder or vehicular homicide. HSP’s mission is to identify survivors in need of practical intervention and support following the murder of a loved one and to provide emotional and grief support. We also provide victims’ advocacy and assist survivors as they navigate through the criminal justice system.

Grief doesn’t just go away with time, you have to work through it. One way to accomplish this is to connect with a person or group with whom you can talk freely and share your experience. We provide support groups that will connect you with those who understand what you are experiencing through all stages of the grief process. Additionally, our qualified staff are available to provide individual and family grief counseling, listen and assist you with specific questions you may have, and provide you with helpful resources and assist you with victim’s compensation if available to you.

To learn more about any of the FCS programs, call 256-551-1610 or visit them online.

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