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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Movie theaters are already struggling, with many people cautious to return in the pandemic.

A delay in distribution plans from movie studios like Marvel adds to the challenge.

Touchstar Cinemas at Madison Square is getting creative to recover revenue after a major hit due to the COVID-19 pandemic, like starting a drive-in theater and offering entire theater room rentals.

Staff members have been doing new tasks like this for about six weeks, according to Manager Thom Sing. He said it has been a success.

With the news that Marvel and other big names have canceled all remaining releases for the end of the year, theaters are bracing for a lack of a blockbuster season.

“It’s sad to know at this time of year we’d have this movie playing or that movie playing but the goal is to stay positive and pay attention to what we’ve got,” Sing said.

To offset contamination risk, the Touchstar staff is requiring temperature checks and is disinfecting frequently. Still, between using theaters at half capacity and moviegoers who are scared to start coming back yet, they’re not making what used to.

“We’re doing what we can to mitigate that. That’s drive-in, rentals, and trying to reassure people we’re being as safe as humanly possible,” he said.

Even though times are tough, Sing said it is crucial to remember this time is temporary, he said as he tugged on his mask.