Huntsville missile expertise could prove important in wake of Malaysia Air disaster

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A local expert tells us when the disaster over Ukraine started to unfold, a few very important phones in Huntsville likely started to ring.

After all, Huntsville knows missiles.  We help design surface-to-air systems.

We also host the Space and Missile Defense Conference, largely because of our Redstone Arsenal ties.

UAH Researcher and Missile Expert Steven Messervy notes, “You have both air defense and ground support weapons, so all those are managed here at Redstone. That has been the fact for many, many years, probably fifty years.”

We even have more than a few impressive missile relics, many stored at the Missile and Space Intelligence Center (MSIC).

Messervy explains, “They are the ones that categorize and work to help define and gather information on threat missiles.”

So when a jetliner went down in Ukraine, it’s fair to guess a few phones rang on the Arsenal.

Messervy goes as far as to say, “I’m sure there were.”

Obviously, questions abound, and Messervy says MSIC would have been key for figuring out a few of the first ones, “Probably they were asked, what’s the probability that this was this type of system or another type of system, etc.”

We asked the Defense Intelligence Agency, who runs MSIC, if we could get on the Arsenal to see some similar missile systems.

A spokesperson says the ball is not in their court right now for this issue, and they denied our request.

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