Huntsville-Madison County Senior Center needs $100k to help elderly

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HUNTSVILLE. Ala. – The Huntsville-Madison County Senior Center has been closed since mid-March and has been unable to hold their annual fundraisers. Without the events, the budget for the non-profit staring a $100,000 deficit in the face.

The senior center does a little bit of everything. Several thousand seniors cycle in and out of the facility (not during a global pandemic) throughout the year.

“Of the most important services of course is Meals on Wheels. Also our adult daycare center. It’s like a child daycare but for adults who have a mental or physical disability where they can’t be left home during the day,” said Tom Glynn, the Executive Director of the Huntsville-Madison County Senior Center.

Seniors also participate in various health classes, woodworking, sewing, the list goes on. It’s all free too.

Some of these activities will soon be available online. However, funding is getting dicey as donors also deal with the impacts f COVID-19.

“This year one of them stopped and one of them cut it to $500,” said Glynn as he explained donors rolling back their contributions.

The senior center delivers 250 meals five days a week from their Meals on Wheels program as well as conducting in-home health and wellness visits. The medical staff that conducts the visits could be cut back as money fails to come in.

“A lot of these people don’t work for large salaries anyways. We take care of them the best we can. I’m just trying to prevent it from impacting them,” said Glynn.

So far, the senior center has raised about $40,000 between online auctions and GoFundMe.

The Huntsville-Madison County Senior Center also produced this video to explain the situation.

The $100,000 ideally needs to be raised by the end of August, according to the senior center.

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