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City of Huntsville officials are proud of their strides to be a green and sustainable city, with trees and plants amidst even the most developed areas. But TVA plans to cut down trees that fall near their power lines is threatening that goal.

TVA has already started making a clean sweep of any tree with the potential to grow over 15 feet that stands within 150 feet of their power lines.

City officials with Operation Green Team have worked to come to a compromise with TVA, offering to prune certain trees themselves. TVA denied that offer, and the Green Team is now hoping to get an exception for certain trees they know are unlikely to grow tall enough to interfere with the 50-75 foot high power lines.

“We understand they have rules and regulations to follow by, but at the same time we do want Huntsville to continue to be a green city and be sustainable and have a lot of vegetation,” said Brian Walker, with Operation Green Team.

Work began on L & N Drive Friday, with plans to start chopping down trees in the Piedmont neighborhood, Westchester, Airport Road, and South Memorial Parkway on Monday, February 4th.