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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – With so few flights running during the pandemic, many airports are relying on federal funds. Huntsville International Airport has qualified to receive more than $13 million through the CARES Act.

Tuesday, The Huntsville-Madison County Airport Authority Board of Directors agreed to submit, accept, and spend the money allocated to them from the CARES Act grant.

The CARES Act provides airports across the country funds to stay functioning and keep people employed.

Huntsville International Airport CEO, Rick Tucker said the airport estimates around a $22 million revenue loss form this crisis.

“Making these funds available just as quickly as possible so that we don’t run into problems making payroll, making debt service payments and you know vital operating costs,” said Tucker.

Airport leaders highlight how quickly congress and specifically Senator Richard Shelby acted to get airports this funding, they predict that they’ll have the money in their pockets within the next month.