Huntsville International Airport officials react to Ivey commendation


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Governor Kay Ivey announced today airports contribute $4.9 billion annually to state and local economies. According to Huntsville International Airport officials, our airport is the highest single contributor of all 80 public airports in the state, with $1.8 billion.

The airport, Jetplex Industrial Park and the International Intermodal Center all make up the port of Huntsville, which totals 28 thousand employees. 120 of those work at the airport itself.

Public Relations manager Jana Kuner said with the pandemic, their revenue has been severely impacted and like many airports across the state, they’ve had to reduce their budget.

Kuner believes that’s part of the reason Governor Ivey brought attention to airports’ economic impact today.

“Of course it’s great when the governor is commending the economic impact of the airports in Alabama. We want our community to know that we’re more than just a means of transportation, that we’re actually an economic driver and catalyst for new industry in our area,” she said.

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