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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — You may have seen more people on the road and in the area sporting their favorite college teams from all over the nation. That’s because the city of Huntsville and the Huntsville Sports Commission had two collegiate events this weekend.

Friday’s events included the NCAA Division I Cross Country South Regional and the championship for the Collegiate Water Polo Association.

“In one weekend alone we’re looking at over a million dollars in economic impact to the city of Huntsville,” said Brooke Izzo Shaughnessy, director of marketing for the Huntsville Sports Commission.

Shaughnessy said the city is always putting in bids to host more sporting events with their eye on the grand prize: the SEC.

“We have events like Elevate the Stage coming up on March 6th, so you’ll be able to see Alabama, Auburn, Georgia and Arkansas on that stage again, just around the corner,” Shaughnessy told News 19. “So we look forward to doing more with the SEC in the future.”

It’s not just the day of the event that brings in profits for the city.

“Several of these teams came in days before, they’ve been in our restaurants, our hotels and even in talking to some of the families they have dinner plans already for tonight,” Shaughnessy stated.

With downtown less than 10 minutes away, people can leave an event and get to their hotels and enjoy the fine dining and other attractions Huntsville has to offer.

“So that’s very rare and just to have that Southern Hospitality that a lot of our restaurants and hotels offer that’s what puts us on the map, because you know, without our community, we wouldn’t be the star of Alabama that we are,” Shaughnessy concluded.