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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Under the stars and stripes of the Huntsville-Madison County Veterans Memorial, a group gets together every month to clean every monument in the park.

“It’s just been a real honor to pay tribute to our fallen heroes, and what it means to our youth, both boys and girls,” Scout Master Read Kloss said.

Klos is Scout Master over Troop 95, an all-girls boy scout troop. Troop 95 joins another Scout Troop in North Alabama and Huntsville’s Rotary Club in the effort.

“We basically do it for our community because it really shows and gives much honor to our veterans, because they serve a lot for us and we feel like we need to serve them by doing more for our community,” said Read’s daughter and Troop 95 member, Charlotte Klos.

The scouts and Rotary Club first started these clean up events in July of 2019. They have never missed a month.

“We’re here rain or shine, even during COVID we had a small group of adults down here,” Klos said.

Klos is a veteran himself. He served in the marines. Having the opportunity to give back, for him, is an act of respect for the memorial.

“I know what it means that these people have given their lives for our freedom. The respect it’s given us to be able to come down to this hallowed ground and clean, you feel a sense that they’re here while we’re cleaning,” Klos said.

Scouts age out of the organization at 18, but when it comes to these monthly days of service, they pledge to keep coming back even after they are no longer scouts.