Huntsville councilman supports resolution to move Confederate monument from downtown


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – A Huntsville City Council-member is sponsoring a resolution to allow local cities to move monuments from one location to another throughout the city. The resolution could override the 2017 Memorial Preservation Act which is at the heart of multiple battles statewide over Confederate monuments.

Councilman Will Culver introduced the resolution to the Alabama League of Municipalities on July 23 and it passed unanimously. Culver stressed that his resolution does not cover the outright removal or destruction of monuments, but only the relocation.

“Which includes cemeteries, which includes parks and other areas so it doesn’t put any municipality in a box,” said Culver.

Under current law, local governments face a 25,000 dollar fine for moving monuments over 40 years old. Culver said he’s not trying to repeal the 2017 Memorial Preservation Act.

“We never advocate for violating the law, we want to work within the ramifications of the law,” said Culver.

Culver believes decisions on moving monuments should be made at the local level.

“It gives the people the public the power through their votes to elect people who share their views,” said Culver.

The League of Municipalities unanimously passed the resolution, which Culver believes speaks for itself.

“This particular resolution carries the weight of the Alabama League of Municipalities which represents 466 municipalities within the state,” said Culver.

Right now, it’s up to Madison County to move the monument, but if the resolution were to become law it would change.

“Because the monument is located within the city limits, then the city of Huntsville has the authority to move that monument from one location to another,” says Culver.

The Huntsville City Council has also given their unanimous support to the County Commission to help move the monument. Culver encourages those who want the Confederate monument moved to stay patient.

“This is something in my opinion that is inevitable it is going to happen it is just a matter of timing,” said Culver.

Now that the League of Municipalities has passed the resolution, it goes to the State Legislature in the next session.

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