Huntsville could soon close more public housing complexes


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville might close more public housing complexes in the near future.

The news came out in federal court Wednesday during a hearing about the city’s effort to desegregate the school system.

Information about this potential closure was released because it could slow the desegregation process in a couple of mostly white elementary schools near the city center. reports that during the hearing an attorney for the school district told the judge that, ‘unofficial’ information shared with the district indicated that the Huntsville housing authority plans to close public housing that would affect students at Blossomwood, Jones Valley, and Sonnie Hereford elementary.

The housing complexes in question are in the center of the city along Governors Drive just west of Memorial Parkway.

Butler Terrace is the largest public housing development owned by the housing authority where children are zoned to those three elementary schools. Two smaller public housing complexes, l.R. Patton and Brookside, also sit near Butler Terrace in the effected school zones.

The school board representative for district one in north Huntsville, Michelle Watkins, told that she learned a few weeks ago about the plan to close Butler Terrace and was told the residents would be given housing vouchers.

The Huntsville housing authority has said “there are no definites at this time,” regarding closing butler terrace.

The housing authority is already in the final stages of closing Sparkman homes, which also sits just outside of the downtown area, along with Holmes Avenue.

Residents there have until October to move out. The closure has been in the works since 2015.

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