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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – An infectious disease detection company in Huntsville has a system that rapidly tests for COVID-19.

ICubate designed an automated system that reduces contamination and risk for exposure. Healthcare workers will spend less than five minutes physically handling the sample.

So this is how it works.

One sample fits inside a cassette called the iC-COVID19 Assay. The testing system will process four cassettes, or patient samples, at the same time. Healthcare workers can even customize the system to test up to 35 samples.

It takes less than six hours from sample collection to processing to get a result. ICubate CEO Carter Wells said varying types of tests are necessary.

“Whether that is the high throughput — send your sample to a large lab where you can do thousands at a time,” said Wells. “But then you also need the ability to go to your local physician’s office or hospital and be able to run a test there.”

Health facilities are already using this technology. The iCubate COVID-19 testing system is currently awaiting FDA approval.

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