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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Given the full clearance to return to normal classes, Huntsville City Schools opened its first day of teacher orientation at Huntsville High’s auditorium.

“I’m looking forward to project-based learning, I’m looking forward to seeing that light in their eyes when they realize something,” new Princeton Elementary fourth-grade teacher Jeri King says. “I’m looking forward to data tracking and sitting down with the students individually and showing them where they are, where we’d like them to be and what we want them to learn.”

Up to 100 new teachers in the district will not have the challenges of the pandemic to start this year as opposed to last year.

HCS Spokesperson Craig Williams said Tuesday was similar to previous years when it comes to the number of teachers new to the district, with presentations focusing on introducing benefits and scheduling, but also without having to address COVID-19 precautions in the auditorium.

Making sure there are no learning challenges for students from the pandemic carrying over to this year remains a priority too.

“We will definitely do a lot of pre-assessment and figuring out where the students are, and what they retained from last year before we get good and started this year,” King says.

With the first day of school just a little over three weeks away on August 4, HCS says operations are on track for a good start.