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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Huntsville City School district leaders passed a $400 million budget for the school district at Tuesdays Board of Education meeting, which is a significant increase from the fiscal year 2021 budget of $300 million.

The general fund is the school system’s primary operating fund and includes the majority of revenues and expenditures, which means money in and money out. A majority of the Huntsville City Schools’ $235 million general fund budget will go towards instruction and operation.

Huntsville City Schools Finance Director Leanetta Wright says the school system is in good financial shape.

“We just wanted to make sure we are going to be good stewards of our funds and make sure we can provide all the resources our students need,” says Leanetta Wright.

Back in 2018, an accounting error left the district about $5.5 million short of where it needed to be. The district says they are not only back on track. But are working to leave more money in the general fund reserve balance.

“We have 2.8 months reserve so we have a very healthy financial ledger,” says Leanetta Wright.

The district got millions in federal cares act money through the elementary and secondary school emergency relief fund. Wright says it is helping bridge pandemic-related financial gaps.

“The extra funds we are getting from the ESSER funds are actually giving us a lot of different avenues that we can use for preventing learning loss that has been experienced due to COVID-19,” says Leanette.

The FY2022 budget can be found on Huntsville City School’s Website or by following this link.