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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Tonight’s Huntsville City Schools’ State of the Schools Address highlighted the 2012-2013 academic year achievements, objectives and goals.

Superintendent Casey Wardynski made the address at the auditorium of Columbia High School.  The address began with digital conversion.

“These children will grow up in a world where there never was a dial tone or a touch tone,” said Wardynski. “There was always a cell phone and they were always connected.”

This year, iPads in the classroom ensured the kids stayed plugged in.  There is no doubt the advanced technology is one of the more notable achievements.

Another accomplishment was the expanded Pre-K programs.

In the academic 2012/2013 year:

·         23 classrooms were opened

·         414 students were enrolled

Wardynski says great improvements were made with our teachers. Huntsville City Schools saw 19,000 plus applicants.  “That puts us at a very strong position to make sure every teacher in the classroom is a highly effective teacher, said Wardynski.”  From May 2012 to March 213, there were 259 new hires.

We asked Superintendent Wardynski what was his proudest accomplishment of the year.  Westlawn Middle School in Huntsville was quickly mentioned.

“From a school that persisted in letting its children down, to be a school that’s going to make sure it’s kids are ready for high school,” said Wardynski about Westlawni.

Here’s a few things the Superintendent would like to work on for the coming school year:

·         More operational efficiency

·         Better building maintenance

·         Better ground maintenance

·         More consistency in the classroom.

Also announced at tonight’s meeting, Grissom High School’s campus on Bailey Cove Road is to become a municipal complex.  A few things mentioned as part of that complex are a library, a community theater, and police precinct.