Huntsville church sees faithful mission in getting community vaccinated


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Douglas Tabernacle PB Church leaders believes it has a duty to set an example for the Cavalry Hill neighborhood surrounding it, especially as hospitals are out of ICU beds and vaccines are readily available.

“You talk about saving a life, yeah, and of course you want to do it on a Sunday,” Brother Jerome Gates said.

According to Gates, Sundays now mean bringing friends and family together to fight the pandemic as a Christian mission for themselves, and the nation as a whole.

The church is the house of God, but it’s also in the community of Cavalry Hill, and we want to open all doors and things that we can do to help those who have not been vaccinated,” Gates said.

For those vaccine-hesitant, he said he’s recently seen many have a change of heart.

“They had a little hesitation, but…members talked to them. Of course the pastor encouraged them as well, and most of them have gotten vaccinated since then,” he said.

The congregation had more than expected show up at its clinic Sunday, including 12-year old Zion Chatman who attends Madison County Schools, but didn’t make the decision to get vaccinated until after the school year started.

“There are a whole bunch of outbreaks at my school,” Chatman said. “It made me worry because I didn’t want to bring the virus back home. And I was like, ‘Oh, maybe I should get it this time.’

Gates said Sunday’s clinic would be far from the only one the church will host.

He added that further outreach in the community, like going door-to-door to encourage neighbors to get their vaccinations will continue as well.

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