Huntsville based lighting company talks growing business after the holidays

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - There's something about twinkling lights that help make this season bright. But from putting up the Christmas lights to taking them down, homeowners will tell you neither job is much fun. Thankfully, there's a lighting company in Huntsville who'll do it for you.

"We got into the Christmas lighting and just really loved it," said Jana Seikel.

Matt and Jana Seikel say about seven years ago, they had the bright idea for a joint venture, calling it Redline Services.

"We were privileged to light Santa's Village this year. We've had a great relationship and worked really closely with skating in the park and the lighting there over the past several seasons," said Seikel.

As fall of 2019 approached, the Seikels say they haven't had much of a break.

"We grew maybe not doubled business this year but probably came close.. and I would say about 90% of that business were people who are new to Huntsville," said Seikel.

Seikel says it's all about spreading Christmas cheer and they love having the opportunity to do that by helping others with their lighting

"There's a lot of people that just can't reach those points on their house, they just don't have the ladder or they are no longer capable so being able to step in and help provide that is so meaningful for us," said Seikel.

Now, its time to take the twinkling lights down... a job many homeowners dread.

"And people want to know.. how do we get these down from here," said Seikel.

Seikel says that's the benefit of hiring them to decorate.

"We actually take everything down and store it individually," said Seikel.

Seikel says they started putting up lights in October. And they promise every one of their clients they'll have all the lights taken down and put away before the end of January.

Redline Services provides lighting for homes and businesses across Madison County. This year, the Seikels say they also picked up clients in Limestone and Cullman Counties.