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MADISON, Ala. – Some heroes don’t wear capes – and some won’t get to celebrate Christmas at home. One church has come up with a way to help some local heroes feel the holiday spirit this year.

The Asbury Church has created a way for firefighters and staff at Madison Fire & Rescue Departments to be “adopted” this Christmas.

Instructions on the website say it all starts with selecting your hero (aka firefighter), and you have the option to choose up to five. Then add your name under the hero you’ve chosen to “adopt” on the signup.

Next is to purchase a stocking between 16-18″ and pack it full of goodies for your hero! Examples of what can go in the stockings include snacks, gift cards, coffee, delicious homemade treats and even a picture of yourself and your family if you choose.

Names must be attached to tags on the stockings to avoid any mixups.

Stockings need to be turned in by December 20 at the Asbury Church, 980 Hughes Road, or at 42 Autumn Ashe Road in Madison.

To “adopt” a Madison Fire & Rescue hero this Christmas, visit here. For questions call (256) 642-8858 or email Christi Spencer here.