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(CBS) – They’re the new sweet treat everyone’s talking about. Here’s how hot chocolate bombs are taking over social media and mugs around the country.

The latest food trend is exploding all over social media. They’re called hot chocolate bombs. It’s a chocolate sphere filled with hot cocoa mix and add-ins like marshmallows, which is then dissolved in hot milk, to create a creamy cocoa.

Brittany DeMore is a Georgia mother of two, and has been making the desserts with her daughter at home. “It appeals to all different age levels. My daughter’s six and she loved it. It was a neat little surprise. And then all the way up to, like, my grandmother,” she says.

DeMore created the treats as gifts during the holidays, a popular idea. The hashtag “hot chocolate bombs” has about 240 million views on TikTok, and about 140,000 mentions on Instagram.

They take about 30 seconds to dissolve and as people spend more time at home this winter, the innovative desserts provide a welcome distraction.

People can make them at home with molds, but many bakeries offer them as well and shops are selling out. They’re so popular, one business in Connecticut hired more people just to keep up with demand. “It’s a real fun activity to see, once you pour the milk onto the chocolate bomb, to see how it explodes. But they’re also absolutely delicious,” says Deanna Damen of Cake Gypsy.

A hot treat for these cold winter months.