FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) — A girls home owned by Attention Homes of Northwest Alabama (AHNA) was destroyed in a fire on Tuesday, September 20.

The AHNA is a nonprofit organization that gives kids in need a temporary home. They take care of the child’s basic needs including clothes, transportation, food, and medical care.

Teresa Robertson, Executive Director of AHNA, told News 19 that kids come through their program for various reasons.

“They may be going through custody issues, and maybe changing from a home to a foster home, or in between foster placements,” Robertson said.

Robertson later said that she got a call about the fire from one of her volunteers around noon that day.

“She called me frantic. She had just gotten back. She was sitting down for a few minutes around lunchtime,” Robertson said. “When she opened the door, flames And smoke billowed in.”

The AHNA has been in the Shoals since 1973. Since then, they have provided assistance for thousands of children and their families. You can find more information about the organization on their website here. You can also contact them via phone at (256)767-0972.