Hollywood principal does basketball trick videos for students over the summer

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HOLLYWOOD, Ala. - "Of course I've always loved basketball."

It's more than just a sport for this family.

"I played in high school. My wife is from Pisgah and she won a basketball state championship. Of course my kids had no choice but to play basketball," says Michael Wilborn, Principal of Hollywood School.

He spends a lot of time in the gym with his daughters MaKenna and MyCaiden, both stars of championship teams at Hollywood.

"Neither one of them has ever lost a basketball game," says Wilborn.

Practice makes perfect.

But on one particular day, their dad took a break from practice to have a little fun.

"I'm coming through and I holler and tell them to throw the ball and I throw one the length of the floor and I'm standing about three quarter court."

He passes his cellphone to MaKenna.

"So I throw one the length of the floor and I make it and of course they go crazy. They're excited about it."

The first trick shot video was born, but he didn't think his Facebook post would get as much attention as it did.

"One of the little pre-k kids comes up to me and reaches and pulls on my leg..."

...explaining that his mom had showed him the video.

"He said are you going to make another one today and I said I haven't really thought about it. That was just something you know that I did."

After several requests from students, Wilborn and his daughters went straight to work.

Their most recent video includes eight different trick shots that took only 35 minutes to do.

"Watching him mess up and then the next time he'd get it," says his daughter, MaKenna Wilborn.

Now these shots aren't that easy to make.

"I like the one where he bounces it off the wall and made it in," says MaKenna.

It could take one try.

"Just depends on how difficult the shot is," says his daughter MyCaiden Wilborn.

Creating trick shots for the city of Hollywood is all fun and games, but it means a lot more to Wilborn and his daughters.

"That gives me a time to bond with my daughters in the afternoon and just give me an opportunity to have another reason to spend time with them," says Wilborn.

They've taken on the task of creating more fancy shot videos the rest of the summer.

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