Hollywood man frustrated over high dust levels near home from chert pit


HOLLYWOOD, Ala. – Charles Coffey told News 19 he moved back to his hometown neighborhood five years ago and has been trying to get something done about the high dust levels there ever since.

He lives near the Hollywood Chert Pit, which has been open for several decades.

Coffey said when the private road leading to the pit was moved closer to homes several years ago is when the dust became more troublesome for him and his neighbors.

He told News 19 he is also concerned about rocks and sand moving from the road onto County Road 42, which could be hazardous for motorcycle drivers and could cause windshield damage.

Coffey is also worried about crashes or children being hurt by trucks speeding through the area.

“I’m not trying to shut this guy down, I’m just tired of eating dust everyday. It’s six days a week. We got it from six in the morning to six in the afternoon, until after dark, and it’s just becoming unbearable. You can’t enjoy outside,” said Coffey.

The owner of the Hollywood Chert Pit told News 19 he does use a water truck to try to lower the levels of dust to the best of his ability.

News 19 called the Hollywood mayor, but have not heard back.

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