Hollywood comes to North Alabama

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DECATUR, Ala. – J. Wayne Patterson, a North Alabama, native showed his film for the first time at the Princess Theatre in his hometown of Decatur.

“Second Samuel” is a film based in the fictional town of Second Samuel, Georgia in 1949. Although the story was written over 30 years ago, Patterson says the message has never been more relevant.

“It resonates with what’s going on today,” he said. “Divisions in our society, the differences we have to overcome and face whether that’s gender or color or mental health.”

Patterson grew up the son of an Evangelical minister and says the film is a way of telling his own story of coming to understand his own belief system and bias. Patterson says he first came across the script while directing for the Southeast Alabama Community Theatre in Dothan.

“We picked the script for the story it told,” said Patterson. His daughter who plays Ruby in the film, said this movie is not only timely, but important.

“A great representation for the story that we’re trying to tell to not judge a book by its cover, don’t judge a film by its photography I guess I don’t know but it’s going to surprise you.”

If you would like to watch, “Second Samuel” click here to find out how.

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