Holiday Season Leads to Rise in Domestic Violence

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The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is known to many as the most wonderful time of the year.   However, it also sees an increase in cases of domestic violence.

“Sometimes we might now hear about it because a victim may try to keep peace in the home during the holidays for the children’s sake,” says Yonnie Beam.

Beam is the executive director of the Marshall County Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  She says the holidays cause stress and that leads to domestic violence situations that are already volatile becoming even worse.

Also, Beam says there is a misconception that domestic violence only happens in homes with a lower income.

“Certainly not true,” she says.  “We have victims in all classes.  We have victims that come in.  We have men that come in.  We don’t see that many of course, because of embarrassment.”

If you are in need of help, you can call the coalition at (256) 891-00191.

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