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ALABAMA (WHNT) — Whether you’re staying in town for a Labor Day barbecue or packing up the car for a weekend getaway, Labor Day travel can sometimes be long and unpredictable.

The Alabama Department of Transportation said they expect additional traffic with it not only being the holiday weekend but also the start of college football season. They do have some good news for Alabamians though.

“Except for in case of emergencies, you won’t encounter any lane closures due to normal construction activity or normal maintenance activity this weekend,” Seth Burkett with ALDOT told News 19. “So hopefully traffic will flow smoothly.”

Of course, crashes are unpredictable and can cause traffic, but there won’t be any backups due to their crews doing normal work.

Burkett said to download the ALGO app and check it before you leave, you can download that app here if you have an iPhone and here if you have an Android.

As always, Burkett said never to drive under the influence of alcohol or any other substance, “I’d just like to remind everyone to refrain from drinking and driving, utilize a cab or Uber or just have a designated driver.”

Burkett said unfortunately it’s usually a big weekend for DUI arrests and accidents and it’s just not worth it.

They wanted to give some reminders leading into the busy weekend:

Watch your speed.

While it may seem obvious, speed is one of the most common causes of accidents. Troopers will be on the roads watching for speeders.

Remain a safe distance from other cars

Tailgating can not only cause frustration in drivers but can cause accidents if there’s not enough room to react.

Stay alert while driving

Keep all distractions such as your phone, loud music, conversations with passengers to a minimum.

And last but certainly not least…

Never drive under the influence

Never drive under the influence of alcohol or any other substances.