Hit-And-Run Victim’s Daughter: “I Don’t Hate That Driver, I Forgive Him Right Now”


Jane Osgood, daughter of 69-year-old James Shaddy, who was killed in the wreck.

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LINCOLN COUNTY, Tn. (WHNT) - The search is continuing for the person investigators say caused a deadly wreck on Interstate 65 Tuesday night, in Limestone County.

One driver who got to the scene moments after it happened is even offering a $1,000 reward for the person's capture.

One person was killed in that wreck, 69-year-old James Shaddy. The other family members injured in the wreck included 72-year-old Mary Beck, 44-year-old Jane Osgood, and 10-year-old Grace Osgood.

Bandaged and bruised from the wreck, Jane Osgood sat down with WHNT News 19. She said the wreck that took her father's life happened in a blur.

"I remember seeing the space shuttle, the welcome center...I remember that....next thing I know I heard a loud thump and we were flipping," recounted Osgood. "Then I heard the helicopter.

After spinning out of control, the family was left trapped in their SUV. Shaddy had been thrown out of the vehicle.

"I could hear my mother in law and daughter in the backseat groaning and stuff, but I couldn't see my dad," said Osgood. "And he was sitting beside me in the front seat, but I couldn't find him."

When she woke up in the Huntsville Hospital ER, Osgood was told her father had died at the scene, and whoever caused the wreck, never even stopped.

At that moment anger could have been easy, but instead the family chose to pray.

"All I could think was to pray for that person, because I can't imagine the turmoil they must be going through," said Osgood. "I don't hate that person. I just pray they can get repentence and be forgiven. I forgive him. I forgive right now."

Osgood remembers her father as a faithful man, a loving father, husband, and a good provider. Shaddy was retired, and spending as much time with his grandchildren as possible.

The family has chosen rather than to mourn, to celebrate Shaddy's life and the impact he had on each of his family members. She told a story about the hours leading up to the wreck.

"We stopped by Chik-Fil-A. My dad is a diabetic. But since my mom wasn't there he said he wanted a peach cobbler milkshake," said Osgood. "It was probably terrible for him, but I'm glad he got to have it. Because soon it was gone. He died happy."

The family takes comfort in  knowing Shaddy is in a better place. They continue to pray for the person who caused the wreck.

If anyone has information on who the driver may have been they are encouraged to contact Alabama State Troopers or local law enforcement.