Historical structures are moved to begin park reconstruction

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -- A reconstruction plan that’s been in the works for nearly eight months began Monday at Big Spring Park. You can still enjoy the park for now, but know that it will be coming with a lot of noise-- and none of the buildings that make the park a Huntsville staple.

“We’re saving the lighthouse, the bell tower, and the pavilion," project manager Jeff Kennedy said. "We’re picking each up, relocating it offsite while they do the reconstruction here at the park, then we’re bringing it back at a later date when the park’s completed."

The lighthouse and bell tower were both donated to the city in 1973—they’re both over a century old, and they came all the way from Norway, which is why it’s so important that the structures be relocated carefully.

“Everything they’re doing now is just the plan that we’ve already created and [practiced] three times on paper before we actually got to this site today," Kennedy explained, noting that this project is particularly important because of the historical background.

This week the project is just in the prepping stage, the team will be getting the equipment in place, and begin to do a bit of the heavy lifting.

So, how do you move a structure with a concrete foundation? The trick is simply-- to trick the structure itself.

"What we have to do is look at the weight and balance of each structure, we have to look at the structural integrity as it is now, and we have to kinda fool it into think it’s still on it’s foundation while we transport it from here to there," Kennedy said.

The removal of all three structures will take place over the next three weeks.