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Arab (7-3) vs. Boaz (7-3) Game of the Week

Arab gets the win against Boaz 45-14.

Colbert Heights (4-5) vs. Wilson (1-8)

Colbert Heights gets the win against Wilson 14-6.

Eagleville (4-4) vs. Fayetteville (8-1)

Fayetteville wins against Eagleville 40-7.

Guntersville (8-1) vs. Albertville (1-8)

Guntersville wins against Albertville 49-28.

Hazel Green (3-6) vs. Grissom (2-7) 

Grissom wins against Hazel Green 40-34.

Page (9-1) vs. Lincoln County (1-8)

Page wins against Lincoln County 35-6.

Pisgah (6-3) vs. Douglas (6-3)

Pisgah wins against Douglas 20-7.

Prattville (6-3) vs. Bob Jones (5-4)

Prattville wins against Bob Jones 43-31.

Priceville (8-1) vs. JPII (0-9)

Priceville wins against JPII 55-0.

Rogers (4-5) vs. Lexington (7-2)

Rogers wins against Lexington 21-13.

West Limestone (5-4) vs. Ardmore (6-3)

Ardmore gets the win against West Limestone 7-3.

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