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ATHENS, Ala. – Many coaches of high school athletes have an impact on their players’ lives; defensive line coach Steve Carter at Athens High School is no exception.

By now, you might be familiar with “Manly Mondays” after a video of Coach Carter went completely viral.

“People are seeing that instead of teaching us just how to perform on the field, or you know run Xs and Os we’re learning how to be men,” said Athens High sophomore Jacorey Harris, one of Coach Carter’s players.

Carter never expected a video of him changing a tire would get millions of views, but he’s blessed that it did.

“Coaching is a calling on my life as it is Coach Gross’s life and all these coaches and it’s what the Lord put me in and if the Lord wants to spread his Gospel and blessings through social media that’s great because I think any kid could benefit from lessons like this,” Carter said.  “I hope and pray that all across the country they do stuff like this.”

It started with head coach Cody Gross teaching the team how properly shake someone’s hand and tie a tie and then they moved on to the handiwork.

“I love it. I love it so much,” Harris said. “It makes my week a lot better to come up here once during the week and learn something i never knew before.”

Carter has taught the Athens football team how to jump a car, check the oil in your car, change a tire and he even showed them how to hand-make jewelry for a special Mother’s Day Manly Monday edition.

“He teaches you things that you don’t really focus on,” said Kevin Jurado, a junior at Athens High. “One of the first Manly Mondays we did he taught us how to cut a PVC pipe that’s in a difficult position. He teaches us things that you might not think that you’ll need but it could come in handy.”

Of course, Coach Carter wants his team to succeed on the field, but he also wants to make sure that when they leave Athens High School they’ve become what Carter calls a “complete man” and he hopes he’s taught them something that they can use going forward for the rest of their lives.

“The Bible teaches us that we’re not supposed to make the little ones stumble and we’re not here to make them stumble by any means we’re here to try and grow them up and grow them into being a man and a woman and that’s what we’re here for,” Carter said. “That’s my purpose in life I think that’s why I live and breathe is to spread the good news.”

“He’s a good coach and he’s a good man,” Jurado said. “I’m pretty sure everybody wishes they had a coach and someone like him in their family to be able to teach them those things and to show that he cares and he wants you to be successful in not only football and life.”

Carter says coaching is a calling in his life and he’s blessed to be able to shape these young men both on and off the field.