High Gas Prices: How You Can Fight Back

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - AAA of Alabama says the state average for gas prices has jumped to $3.61 a gallon.

That's up forty cents for the month, twenty-two cents in the last week.

AAA Spokesperson Clay Ingram describes gas prices as "much higher than is justified, especially based on our demand and the supply situation."

It's easy to blame the vendors, but we should take some responsibility too.

Ingram points out, "A lot of us buy our gas based on convenience instead of price, and that's one of the reasons our prices are so high.  If we actively shopped for the lowest price fuel in our normal travel area and consistently buy the lowest priced fuel, then the higher priced stations won't have any choice but to lower their price over a period of time."

Being irritated is one thing; fighting back is something else entirely.

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Ingram says, "We know they're high; we know we don't like it.  We feel like we're being taken advantage of, yet we continue to ignore the lower price stations."

It's about thinking long-term.

Ingram explains, "Yes, it may only save you $3 on a tank of gas today to buy the lower price fuel.  Over the period of several months, it could make much more of a difference, putting that downward pressure on our pump prices."

You'll be amazed how much that little effort can help.

Ingram says, "I have seen it in some parts of Alabama, in some little small towns, where a new station has opened up and undercut everybody else's prices.  I have seen it affect gas prices as much as thirty cents-per-gallon in a matter of a couple of weeks."

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