HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — You could feel the excitement in the air Thursday morning at the YMCA Downtown Early Childhood Education Center.

Several of the Pre-K students lined the sidewalk, jumping up and down and chanting “presents, presents, presents!” while they awaited the arrival of a Huntsville Emergency Medical Services Inc. (HEMSI) ambulance.

It wasn’t just any ambulance, though. It was filled with gifts, each wrapped and labeled for a specific child in mind.

It was heartwarming to see each child run to the paramedics handing out gifts when their name was called.

HEMSI Spokesperson, Don Webster tells News 19 this is their 12th year making the toy delivery. He said the gifts are all donated by HEMSI employees.

Webster said it was heartwarming to watch each child run to receive their gift.

“To watch the faces of these children, it just brings happiness to you,” he said. “They are so happy and so excited and appreciative.”

Erin Ledet, the Director of the YMCA Downtown Early Childhood Education Center, said these gifts mean a lot to the families of the children. “The families that we serve are in need of any extra things they can get” she said.

“It pulls at my heartstrings to see them so excited,” Ledet said.

In addition to spreading Christmas cheer, the visit from HEMSI served a secondary purpose.

“It makes them feel comfortable with the paramedics so if and when something happens to them or their families or neighbors, they’re not scared of the paramedics,” Webster said.

Ledet echoed that statement, saying, “this helps them so that they’re prepared if they are ever in an emergency, they know that they [the paramedics] are their friend.”

The heartwarming gift exchange ended with the children singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.”

HEMSI plans to deliver another set of gifts to another Huntsville area YMCA on Friday.