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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Large events like football games, outdoor concerts, fall events and festivals are happening again after months of cancellations.

Many people are exhausted with COVID-19 precautions, but health officials say it’s necessary until a vaccine is ready.

“I just feel like its good to get back into the routine of life as long as we take our precautions and everything. Cause like I don’t want to put my life on pause and I don’t think anyone else should either,” says Stephanie Temple.

Some large events like sporting events, the races at Talladega, live music events and festivals are happening again after months of cancellations. These events are mostly outdoors and have similar COVID-19 precautions in place.

“I think its okay if its outside if people are distancing and wearing masks. If its not that.. If its inside. If its a large crowd, then no. Masks no matter what and distancing for sure,” says Lawrence Walker.

Many places are limiting capacity, requiring masks and social distancing. All things Stephanie Temple says she and her friends are doing to slow the spread of the virus while resuming life as normal.

“We always we masks and social distance and I mainly stay outside. I don’t like to go to big events inside,” says Temple.

Spending time outside is encouraged. But doctors say to stay on guard. Tayon Harvey says she hopes people continue to take the precautions seriously.

“I feel like it really is helping us. Alot of people they really don’t wear their masks while like going to Walmart and stuff but it really does help because its keeping your germs to yourself,” says Harvey.

Health officials say if we are not careful and don’t follow safety precautions, we risk seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases again.

There are several outdoor events this weekend and fall activities opening up. Doctors say those should all be safe, just remember to wear your mask and social distance.