Health Care Coalition members simulate flu pandemic

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The North Alabama Health Care Coalition orchestrated a flu pandemic simulation involving over 60 agencies.

The idea of the simulation is that health care professionals are exposed to a new flu strain for the first time.

Professionals were broken up into teams based on their actual field of work.

“We have nursing homes, we have hospitals, home health and hospice agencies, clinics and dialysis clinics, so really looking at it from the whole perspective,” explained Candece Adkins of the Alabama Department of Public Health.

Total strangers with the same passions were given scenarios in which they had to work together to come up with logical and effective actions to take.

“They were given the scenario to tell them how much staff they have, and how they’re low on supplies,” Adkins added. “So its really trying to make them think outside the box.”

Not only were medical agencies present but also law enforcement agencies from the region.

“They’re going to be seeing a decrease in officers. They’re going to have people that are sick,” Adkins said. “But they’re still going to have to respond to car accidents, burglaries, whatever the case may be.”

The Alabama Department of Public Health says they hope everyone involved can implement what they learned when they return to work.

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