HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — When 15-year-old Ja’Marious Logan went missing in late September, his family and law enforcement spent weeks looking for his whereabouts.

After 51 days of searching, authorities say remains believed to be Logan’s were found Thursday in Sylacauga.

The news was heartbreaking for the teen’s family, but they gathered Saturday to celebrate his life. “The people that did this to him, they may have killed his flesh, but they didn’t kill his soul,” said Logan’s aunt Angela Lovelady.

Logan was often referred to by his childhood nickname “June” and he’s being remembered as a selfless, loving child who placed others before himself.

His family says they’re trying to understand why this happened to their loved one, and they’re leaning on prayer to uplift them at this very difficult time.

“We’re thankful that the lord allowed us 15 years of his life to experience his love, his kindness, and his sweet little nature. We just thank God for that opportunity,” Lovelady told News 19.

His aunt says the pain they’re experiencing is difficult to put into words, especially for his mother who’d been pleading with the community for weeks to come forward with any information that led to his location.

Dozens from the community gathered in support Saturday, lighting their candles as they reflected on Logan’s life.

Some say the teen’s situation is an opportunity to shed light on violence in the community that is responsible for claiming the lives of the youth, an effort they’re hoping will prevent something similar from happening in the future.

His family believes Logan’s generous soul may have led him to place his trust into those who didn’t deserve it, the same people who they say took his kindness for weakness.

“He was king June, he was a protector, he was a great friend,” Lovelady said. “That nature of his may have gotten him in a predicament that may have cost him his life. All is not lost, June’s life is not in vain, we will continue to love him and keep his name alive.”