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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)– After veteran Dustin Payne’s tragic death in a North Dakota welding accident, his family and friends have been grieving his loss.

During Monday’s storm as it came through Huntsville, his friends gathered at the airport to escort his body to the Berry Hill Funeral Home, where he will stay until he is laid to rest.

Dustin’s friends tell WHNT News 19 that he’s a Marine so he’s family to them, and they’ll do anything for him. This is just one way they have chosen to honor him and remember his life.

Police guided the military escort down Interstate 565, and at the funeral home Dustin’s fellow Marines were there to receive the casket.

Payne’s funeral is Friday at 11 a.m.. All who attend are encouraged to bring red, white, and blue balloons to be released.

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