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HARVEST, Ala. — Porch Pirates don’t only search for gold during the holidays, they steal year round. And sometimes, it’s from your front porch.

A recent incident was caught on a video doorbell known as Ring. After the resident posted it to the social media platform Neighbors, Ring posted it on their official Facebook page.

The video takes place in the Heritage Estates neighborhood in Harvest.

The thief sneaks up to the front door, grabs the package, and runs off. As soon as she was able to jump in her car and drive away, the resident of the home came out — completely baffled.

Huntsville police confirm they know about the incident and are working an investigation. They say they have taken a report for the victim and they have identified the person in the video.

Names could not yet be released since officials are still investigating, but they want to remind the public that if something similar happens, be careful how you handle it.

First, decide if you want to take law enforcement action and if so, call local authorities immediately.

“We also ask you not share the video until we have an opportunity to investigate,” says Lieutenant Michael Johnson. “If you share that video, we don’t know what other crimes this individual may have committed. It may be a small piece to a big puzzle of other crimes or other things going on.”

If you happen to have a video of a thief taking packages from your doorstep, make sure to send it to your local authorities.