Harvest community says they are fed up with ongoing mail issues


HARVEST, Ala. – Complaints continue to pour in over delays in delivery times by the Harvest Post Office.

News 19 first reported about the delays four weeks ago after a resident complained about a late charge on his utility bill. The bill was mailed on-time at the Harvest Post Office and arrived 10 days late at the Harvest-Monrovia Water and Sewer Authority located just next door.

News 19 spoke to several Harvest residents on Thursday, they said not much has changed since then, adding the mail is either severely delayed or doesn’t arrive at all.

The US Postal Service said that every piece of mail that goes through this Harvest Post Office is routed down to a sorting facility in Birmingham, sometimes only to be sent back up to its final destination right in Harvest.

One resident, who asked not to identified, said she has racked up over $200 dollars in late fees just because her bills aren’t arriving on-time.

Another resident, Brandy Lawrence, said US Mail is making it impossible for her to settle the affairs of her mother who passed away in October.

“Getting death certificates mailed, especially up north it’s taken me going on almost 4 months. I’ve mailed them repeated, repeated, probably 10 death certificates and they just get lost,” said Lawrence.

Meanwhile, the US Postal Service said it has no plans to change how it processes the mail.

Some residents said they plan to take this issue to their local elected officials.

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