Hartselle Police sponsor workshop on sexting and social media dangers

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HARTSELLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Parents in Hartselle gathered  Monday night for a special workshop aimed at keeping their children safe while they’re on-line. More specifically, the discussion will focus on sexting and social media.

It may seem harmless enough to the young and innocent, but a number of teenagers across the country have had to face felony criminal charges all because someone took an explicit photo of themselves and sent it to a friend, or boyfriend.

“The purpose of the class is just to inform parents and make them aware of the things that are going on the social media world and unfortunately some of the things that our children can get drawn into,” says Hartselle Police Lt. Justin Barley.

Among them, sexting, the sharing of explicit photos.

If you decide to send someone a selfie, or for that matter any photo of yourself, as soon as you touch the send button you have completely lost control of it. That person may eventually decide to show it to some of their friends or email it to others and then they’ve got a copy of it. The bottom line is you should never send anyone a picture of yourself that you wouldn’t want your family, your friends or for that matter anyone with a computer to be able to see.

“I think the one thing that we would want parents to walk away with is to be highly involved with what their kids are doing on the internet, and what they’re doing on their phones and with these social media apps,” Barley says.

The workshop for parents is part of an on-going effort by Hartselle Police to raise awareness of the possible dangers of the internet and social media for youngsters.

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